Ohio's Pharmacists Recovery Network


The Pharmacists Rehabilitation Organization, Inc. was Founded in 1984 by the
Ohio Pharmacists Association and the Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists, 
with the help and understanding of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

     Our mission: 1) To educate and inform the profession of pharmacy concerning chemical   

                        dependency as a treatable disease that affects from 10 - 15% of it’s members.

                           2) To help addicted pharmacists find recovery from their active disease.

       The Pharmacists Rehabilitation Organization (P.R.O., Inc.) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and volunteer peer assistance organization, that helps assess, refer to treatment and monitor pharmacists (and licensed pharmacy interns) with alcohol and/or drug dependencies. When deemed appropriate,  P.R.O. Inc. may also advocate for the contracted client to a regulatory agency such as The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

          • We recognizes that chemical dependency is a primary disease that is chronic, progressive 
                  and potentially fatal and affects approximately 10 - 15% of all pharmacists.
          • We regard chemical dependency as a treatable disease and recognizes the right of our
                   recovering colleague to return to the safe practice of Pharmacy 
when appropriate.
          • Our primary purpose is to assess, refer to proper treatment and monitor our colleagues
                   impaired by the disease of chemical dependency.
          • We will advocate for our clients when appropriate and will also help coordinate 
                   interventions of potential clients.




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