It’s not just about drugs and alcohol

To those of you who remember, I used this same title three years ago, when my son was diagnosed
with brain cancer. I thought I would use it again, because we have had an influx of new clients (or would
be clients) in the last couple of months. I see such a wide variety of reactions to people entering
treatment, or thinking about it. From total and complete denial, to acceptance and relief  “it’s over”, 
now the healing can begin. Early in  recovery, you  cannot fathom life without using. “How am I going 
to do this?” Some of you want sobriety, but aren’t willing to do the work necessary, and you have a
predictable outcome…..relapse! Some of you are willing to go to any lengths, which means, listening 
to directions, giving up control, and getting active. This usually has a predictable outcome

To those of you who want recovery and are willing to work for it, recovery is a truly wonderful way of
life. Recovery, in my opinion, is not only abstinence from drugs and alcohol, but also personal growth
that encompasses spiritual,    emotional, physical, and psychological health. And at some point in your
recovery, it is not about using drugs and alcohol anymore, but it is about    living, and living life to its
fullest. Surviving the bad times and embracing the great times. Surrounding yourself with more true
friends than you knew you ever had. As I’m sure, I’ve told most of you, your lives are never going to be
the same, but, it can be better than ever.

By the time you read this, I will have celebrated 20 years clean and sober. A remarkable feat in itself,
because, at one time, I couldn’t put 20 hours clean and sober together. I would urge everyone to
completely devote themselves to a recovery program and reap the rewards and benefits that I, and 
so many other people, have received. Somewhere along this journey it was not about drugs and
alcohol anymore. It became about living and having fun and if you are now well into recovery and not
having fun, then you are doing something wrong.

                                  Mike Quigley

 © P.R.O. Inc. 2012