Turn Your Trip Into A Testimony

                                Inspired by Mark Atteberry

By the time most of us have travelled the road of recovery long enough to see many of the promises of
the program become part of our lives, we get to a point where it becomes important to share our story
with others who may be traveling a similar road and in desperate need of encouragement. In fact, our
testimony to the power of recovery may be the most important result of our program. There is great
power in our stories. They make us dig out the bad but they also shine a light on the wonderful and truly
amazing things God is capable of doing in your life. As author, minister, and speaker, Mark Atteberry
says, “The great value of a true story is that it places a finger under the hard-road traveler’s chin and
gently pushes up. It forces the person to ask ’Could God do something like that for me?”

The great thing about sharing your experiences with others is that it doesn’t have to be a sermon. It
doesn’t have to answer all of the worlds questions. The important thing to remember is that it is your
story. All it has to do is show how the program of recovery has helped you rebuild your life. Great
testimonies are simply that. Ordinary  people leading ordinary lives telling extraordinary stories about
the goodness of their Higher Power in their lives. These stories have carried the message of recovery
all over the world since the birth of the 12 Steps.

Of course most of us have also thought, “I’m not a public speaker and who really would like to hear my
boring story?” It’s true that we are not preachers or celebrities standing on the big stage talking to
audiences of hundreds or thousands of people. However, when that person in the audience who is
hurting at the moment hears a speaker who has nothing to gain talking about the goodness of the God
of their understanding, it means something. They may be able to immediately relate to the story on a
personal level.

Therefore, the best way to measure the value of a testimony is not by the size of its audience, but by 
the impact it has on the people who hear it. If your story helps even one person stay faithful to the
program of recovery —or perhaps return to it—-then it has had an eternal impact..

But when do I need to offer my story? Again, to paraphrase Mark Atteberry ,  it’s my conviction that if
you have a valid recovery centered testimony you’re willing to share, God will bring people across your
path who need to hear it. Just quietly live your life in the little corner of the world where God has placed
you, and be ready at all times to tell people what wonderful things He has done for you and how
merciful He has been. Just by doing that, you could save somebody’s life.

In conclusion, you know your story. As Mark Atteberry says, you have , “walked with God on the road
you never wanted to travel,”  and have turned your life around. Now, if you’ll just keep your eyes and
ears open, God will bring someone across your path who desperately needs to know what you have
learned. And when you share your story and see the relief and hope it brings, you’ll know that your
suffering was not in vain.


 © P.R.O. Inc. 2012